Why We Do It

“We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware,
we cannot help but change.”

Sheryl Sandberg

Why it’s important?

No individual battling breast cancer should have to worry about keeping a roof over their head, food on the table or how they will get to treatment. The added stress of financial burdens, to an already difficult time, can be harmful to a patient’s recovery.

The diagnosis is only the beginning

After receiving life-changing news, your body is now subjected to grueling treatment which leaves you the most tired and most sick you have ever felt. Unable to work, you are given a maximum of 15 weeks sickness benefits (the average chemotherapy patient requires at least 16 weeks) to recover. You quickly realize that many medications you need are not covered by insurance. On top of that, your bills don’t stop because you’re sick. Now, your energy is focused on making sure you can afford to eat that week, pay for your housing, or get that medication you need.  This story is told too often.

The cost of basic living

  • Housing $1400

  • Groceries $960/family of four

  • Utilities $150 – $250

  • Medication/supplies $100

  • Hospital parking $50

These costs are averages per month

Wings of Hope believe that every individual living with breast cancer, should have the ability to focus their energy on recovery; not whether they can afford the basic necessities of life. We provide direct, immediate funding, during treatment and recovery.  This critical support helps lift the burden of additional stress.