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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller
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Wings of Hope is a 100% run volunteer charitable organization that directs 95% of all funding straight into the hands of those we help.


Brianna Guenther


As a fifth generation, proud, Calgarian, I strive to be involved in all facets of my community. I am a passionate volunteer for a variety of organizations, but what has kept me so strongly involved with Wings of Hope, is a commitment to helping vulnerable persons through a very acute and difficult period of their lives. I am also proud to be associated with such a determined, creative, and capable group of volunteers.

Helena Byrne

Director of Succession and Board Development

As a Human Resource Manager, I have been working closely with people on a professional level for many years. Today, I am fortunate to be involved in this organization that works to provide some relief for individuals during a very crucial time.

The fact that Wings of Hope exists, providing financial support for those who don’t get to choose both recovery and groceries/or paying rent, is a clear indication of how necessary Wings of Hope is. For me, to be able to contribute in any way to this charity which directly and immediately helps individuals battling cancer is largely rewarding and serves as a reminder to me of what is important.

Jennie Hansen

Director of Fund Development and Donor Engagement

I am honored to live in the energic and entrepreneurial city of Calgary. To be surrounded by so many passionate individuals dedicated towards making positive change, fuels my motivation towards helping others achieve their goals. My volunteer service is in honor of my grandmother, Shirley Hansen, who passed too soon from cancer. Because of my background in Finance, I see the importance of easing the burden of financial insecurity while struggling with Breast Cancer. I am so grateful to be apart of the important work that the Wings of Hope accomplishes.

Heather Jones


Experiencing, firsthand, the struggle and impact that cancer has on family, I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to offer support to others.  Wings of Hope is a great team and I am enthusiastic to give back to the Calgary community, where I have lived all my life.

Cassandra Calder

Director Of Product Marketing and Management

After experiencing the hardship that my family suffered, when a loved one underwent treatment for breast cancer, I recognized the importance of organizations like Wings of Hope. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others by alleviating the burden during a stressful time.

Tasha Wood

Director of Events

I was introduced to Wings of Hope as my employer has been a long-time supporter. I very quickly realized the sheer impact this organization has on Calgarians who are struggling through the financial ramifications of a breast cancer diagnosis. I am a lawyer, the granddaughter of a breast cancer survivor and I grew up on an acreage just outside of Calgary. I am very excited to be working with such a committed group of volunteers for a fundamentally important cause.

Stephanie Frazer

Director of Governance

A cancer diagnosis derails every aspect of a person’s life.  My mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer at the age of 54 and passed away two years later. I will always grieve her loss, but I will always be grateful for the opportunities I had to care for her throughout her cancer journey.

I am humbled that through Wings of Hope, someone else will have the chance to hold their mother’s hand during chemotherapy, without worrying about the cost of parking, or the chance to buy favourite foods to tempt someone who has lost their appetite.

Our organization is fueled by compassion for the unseen struggle of those in financial hardship due to cancer, and it is a privilege for me to be a part of it.

Carole Hunter

Director of Programs

My favourite quote is from Margaret Mead and it states: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  I believe that Wings of Hope embodies this sentiment.  My grandmother, Grace Hunter, passed away in 1992 from cancer, following an original diagnosis of breast cancer in the early 1980s.  I experienced first hand the impact that community support could have following a cancer diagnosis and I am so proud to be a part of an organization which makes such an meaningful impact on the lives of women and their families.


Eno Akpoguma

Board Secretary

I’ve learned that helping others is not only an act of kindness but a good deed which shows how good-hearted person you are.

It is an incredibly humbling feeling to see and know people living with cancer and the struggle they go through.

Volunteering at Wings of Hope gives me a renewed sense of meaning and motivation when I know I am providing support to persons during their vulnerable period of life. This provides a sense of purpose for me when volunteering for a worthwhile cause.