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Host a Sip and Shop!

A really fun way to support Wings of Hope is to host your very own Sip and Shop! Invite your network to your home or business to shop the Wings of Hope Jewelry Collection.

The Concept

Supporters of Wings of Hope can host a “Jewelry Party” by inviting their friends, families, colleagues and/or clients to network and browse the Wings of Hope Jewelry Collection.

Each year, Wings of Hope partners with a Canadian designer willing to offer Wings of Hope wholesale pricing (this way at least 50% of the retail price customers pay goes straight to the charity).

Wings of Hope then donates 100% of the profits to the organization. Because Wings of Hope is 100% volunteer run—we maximize the impact of every dollar received!

Wings of Hope orders inventory in advance, meaning guests can take their pieces home with them that very day!

Sip and Shop parties are a great way to introduce new supporters to the organization in a fun and relaxed environment.

As Wings of Hope is 100% volunteer run, and Sip and Shops require relatively intense labour from our volunteers, we ask that hosts guarantee a minimum of $2,000 in sales (or $1,000 in donations). We have found that so long as 25 or more people attend, this target is easily achieved. Pieces range in price from $60.00 – $250.00.

What We Do

  • Assist with the design of an electronic invitation
  • Set up the Jewelry Collection at your desired venue
  • Set up Wings of Hope Banner
  • Provide volunteers to sell the Jewelry Collection
  • Volunteers will explain the meaning behind each piece (we have signature pieces designed especially for Wings of Hope), help guests in make their selections, accept payment (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Interac Flash/Cash/Cheque) and beautifully package their purchases.
  • Our knowledgeable volunteers can also answer any questions about Wings of Hope
  • Optional: A volunteer can say a few words describing the important work of Wings of Hope

What You Do

  • Host the event at your desired venue
  • Invite your network (friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, clients) to drop by open house style, shop our Jewelry Collection and learn more about Wings of Hope
  • Consider offering treats to sip and snack on (cupcakes, cookies, coffee, charcuterie or even mimosas – whatever you think your guests would like)
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