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“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”

Sherry Anderson

The Director of Programs is responsible for the three core funded programs of Wings of Hope: AFAP, ACF’s PFAP Program and Gift of Hope. The Director attends board meetings once a month. A general description of the duties in the three areas are outlined below.


  • Chair of the AFAP Committee
  • Members include Director of Programs, AFAP Controller and Director, Governance
  • Responsible for execution of AFAP operations: general administration of AFAP and disbursement of funds based on the board approved budget
  • Reviews and approves (with other AFAP Committee members) applications for funding
  • Seeks approval of the board for funding requests that are outside the Terms of Reference for AFAP on the recommendation of the AFAP Committee
  • oversees the work of the AFAP Controller and works with AFAP Controller to ensure funds are distributed in a timely manner

TBCC/Applicant Liaison

  • Meets with the TBCC social works bi-annually to maintain a positive relationship and to address any concerns and to solicit general advice on how the program is responding to the needs of our Community
  • Communicates with TBCC social workers regularly by phone or email to seek clarification on client applications or to address any immediate concerns
  • Provides annually updated application materials and AFAP Terms of Reference to TBCC social workers
  • Responsible for the WOH Assistance email: communicates and follows up with AFAP client concerns, seeking additional application information, emailing Direct Deposit confirmation letters or any other required client communications
  • Reporting
  • Tracks utilization and areas of need and reports to the board monthly
  • Reports the Summary of the AFAP Financials to the board monthly
  • Monitoring and Review
  • With AFAP Community, reviews the AFAP program annually (and more, if required to address financial constraints and/or other economic changes) to determine if Terms of Reference should be amended

Gift of Hope

  • Works with the Gift of Hope Coordinator to plan the annual Gift of Hope program based on the board approved budget
  • Works with the TBCC social workers to determine the recipients each year based on the Terms of Reference
  • Reports the financials of the program to the board annually
  • Alberta Cancer Foundation/PFAP
  • Meets with the ACF representative annually to review Wings of Hope’s  Endowment Fund to PFAP and maintain the relationship with ACF
  • Receives the Wings of Hope Endowment reports from ACF and presents to the board
  • Receives updated PFAP Terms of Reference from ACF annually and reviews with Committee to align with the AFAP Terms of Reference

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